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Researcher in psychological science

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Short Academic Bio

Nicolas Sommet is a SNSF Ambizione Lecturer in psychology in the LIVES Center at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. His research interests include examining the psychological consequences of economic inequality, understanding achievement motivation, and making statistics more accessible.


Nicolas Sommet has been awarded a SNSF Ambizione grant (2020-present) to study how residing in a places with high income inequality predicts well-being. He is also the co-recipient of a SNSF Spark grant (2019-present) to conduct large-scale cross-national replication of the psychological effects of social class.

He is an Associate Editor at the European Journal of Social Psychology and member of the Executive Committee of the ADRIPS.

Recent Publications

Sommet, N. & Elliot, A. J. (2023). A competitiveness-based theoretical framework on the psychology of income inequality.  Current Directions in Psychological Science, 32, 318–327.


Sommet, N., Weissman, D. L., Cheutin, N., & Elliot, A. J. (2024). How many participants do I need to test an interaction? Conducting an appropriate power analysis and achieving sufficient power to detect an interaction. Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science. Advanced online publication.


Sommet, N., Weissman, D. L. & Elliot, A. J. (2023). Income inequality predicts competitiveness and cooperativeness at schoolJournal of Educational Psychology, 115(1), 173–191.


Batruch, A.,* Sommet, N.,* & Autin, F.* (2024). Advancing the psychology of social class with large-scale replications in four countries. Accepted for publication as a registered report in Nature Human Behaviour.

*The authors are co-first authors

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